Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sempat juge pemimpin no 1 Malaysia ni nyopping2 ye...negara dah kelam kelibut deme laki bini best punye santai....rakyat di kerah solat hajat dan berdoa di masjid dan surau deme dok sedap2 di Pavillion....hebatkan....tapi masih ramai lagi rakyat Malaysia terutama orang melayu yang tak sedo2 diri..bangga bebeno deme dengan pemimpin yang suka berjoli2 ni....   
Only "YESTEDAY" Najib was giving a Press Conference infront of International Media & Press concerning our missing Airlines after over a week searching with fruitless results, with so many people with families worried sick, sad and disappointed.

Yet only TODAY he and wife Rosmah along with their daughter were spotted SHOPPING together around in 'PAVILLION' as if nothing was happening?

WHAT type/kind of Leader/Prime Minister is this? What TYPE of Message is he sending out to the WORLD right now when the WHOLE WORLD has its focus and attention on Malaysia which has only shown its UNprofessionalism and INCOMPETENCE in handling the entire situation?

And there are 'SOME' people whom say I have 'BLIND' hatred towards this Government under UMNO/BN with THESE type of complacent, racist, corrupted, heartless and brainless leaders???

Sorry! This isn't BLIND hatred...cause THIS Government and it's leaders give us every REASON to 'HATE' it!

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